Taking a Close Look at the Panerai Foudroyant

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Published: 23rd November 2010
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Most, if not all, watch enthusiasts have a Panerai watch as part of their collection. The brand is an expert in designing and manufacturing timepieces engineered into precision and superb accuracy. It is backed by a solid reputation of more than 70 years in the watchmaking industry. What started out as a humble family business in Florence during the 1860’s is now one of the most sought after luxury watches of today.

What makes the Panerai so enticing to watch collectors is that it never strays from its classic design. While other watch companies develop new models and collections so distinct from one another, making them lose a sense of their identity and brand history in the process, Panerai stays close to home and creates watches based on the same design foundation.

But this does not mean that Panerai is old fashioned and not up to date with the latest timekeeping technology. On the contrary, Panerai develops their innovations by focusing more on the complications of their devices - coming up with chronographs, rattrapante, and Panerai foudroyant timepieces.

The Panerai FER025 model is a complex wristwatch mechanism which features a rattrapante foudroyant chronograph and a tachymeter dial. It has a split-second sweep function as well as a 1/8th second indicator dial which is simply fascinating to watch as it quickly spins once every second. The watch is cased in stainless steel material with a diameter of 45mm and thickness of 16.8mm. The dial is colored black with the Ferrari shield prominently displayed at twelve o’clock. Push buttons are located at two and four o’clock to trigger chronograph functions.

The watch comes with black leather and rubber straps with a deploying buckle. The watch can be taken to depths of 100 meters underwater. This watch is a perfect combination of luxury and functionality taken to the highest level. Only about 300 pieces of this watch was produced, so if you have already fallen in love with it - be quick to get your hands on this rare collector’s item.

Another of Panerai foudroyant watches is the Panerai PAM 246-I Radiomir 1/8th seconds Foudroyant Chronograph in 45mm. Functions of the watch include chronograph, split-second timing, and a 1/8 second timer. It is cased in stainless steel with 45mm diameter and fixed bezel. The tachymeter scale is located on the inner bezel of the watch. Dial color is black and markers and hands are luminescent to facilitate easy reading of time even at 100 meters deep underwater. It is a special edition watch with only 300 pieces manufactured, so get your hands on this masterpiece now.

Overall, Panerai watches are just about every watch collector’s dream. With their classy and timeless designs, superb attention to detail and accuracy in time engineering, it is no surprise that Panerai has earned its reputation of being one of the most sought after watches in the market. So take your pick your favorite and shop around for the best Panerai watch for you or your loved one - may it feature a Panerai foudroyant, chronograph, or Panerai rattrapante function.

Melissa Smith is a freelance blogger and senior contributor for Writerspire.com. She enjoys sharing the latest news and up to date information on her favorite watches, including the remarkable Panerai Chronograph watches.

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